For over two decades, Pink Moon Bay Boutique has been a destination for both mothers and daughters. As a curated boutique, we offer exclusive and unique finds that celebrate individuality and strengthen the mother-daughter bond, featuring real women who inspire us. 


What Does The Name Pink Moon Bay Mean?

Pink Moon Bay is named in honor of Stephanie & Sydnie’s family members who were recently lost but have continued to inspire them every day. Stephanie’s sister and Sydnie’s aunt, Tera, was one of those inspiring women. She loved the beauty of every sunset and was inevitably the best person for advice and was a true fashionista in her own right. In 2020, she tragically lost her battle with cancer at age 35. She is buried on the top of a beautiful hill in Half Moon Bay, CA, where she can enjoy the sunsets as she rests.

The other inspiring woman was Stephanie’s mother-in-law and Sydnie’s grandma, Ginny. She deeply cared about her family and was always the life of the party and dressed in that same fun spirit.

We drew the name Pink Moon Bay from the strength, and beauty that Ginny, Tera, and every pink sunset that radiates through us. We see their fun-loving spirit and sense of style in the roots of this store and are so grateful that we get to share that same love and spirit with you.